Faith Questions
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How to Create a Dream Church?
How to Bridge Generations?
How to Build Youth Community
Are There Moral Absolutes?
How to Resolve Conflicts?
What is Good Preaching?
How Are You Saved?
What is Baptism?
How Do You Practice Holy Communion?
Tell Me About Lutherans?
How Should We Worship?
Is Once Saved Always Saved True?
How Is the Gospel Relevant to Today?
Did God Preserve His Word?
What is Close Communion?
Can You Explain Lent & Holy Week?
Tell Me About the Apostles' Creed
How is the Pastor a Teacher of Faith?
Is Jesus the Same in the First Three Gospels?
What is Your Favorite Book of the Bible?
How Do You Study the Bible?
Grace Lutheran Church and School seek to live out our calling to love God and serve our fellow neighbor through various ministries. You, too, can receive or give the many blessings offered here.

We are an alive, family friendly, loving and forgiving part of the Body of Christ. Whether you are married or single, have kids or are a kid or youth, surrounded with people or alone, active or less active, long time in your faith walk or recent, courageous or shy, here you will be surrounded with love as a part of our family!
Salvation, Rewards, Grace and Works