Church fellowship has been described as the ‘glue’ that holds the church together. And in a way, that is true, for we are a community of believers in Christ—His very Body—that is nourished and sustained by His Word and Sacraments. But, we are also a human organization that has the very human needs of love, friendship and support. A large part of that is accomplished through the breaking of bread together.

Our Parish Life committee provides the food and often plans the “fun” events that bring our congregation together—Picnics, Potlucks, Advent & Lent Soup Suppers, Brunches, Easter Breakfast, High Tea and Sandwiches, Graduation Banquet, Funeral Receptions and much more!
To inquire about Parish Life programs contact
Sandy Garland at 661.406.3686
Parish Life
The members’ responsibility for congregational leadership is a distinctive characteristic of the LCMS. Power is vested in voters’ assemblies, generally comprised of adults of voting age. With the few exceptions of called and paid staff, Grace is a volunteer run church.

Our Voters Assembly has delegated its authority for various areas of responsibility as listed under the tab above.