Teaching effectively is to intentionally model oneself after Jesus. Jesus had perfect alignment of who He was with what He taught – He truly walked the talk, which gave power and relevance to His ministry.

First, He taught out of love for those He taught. When we love the learner our attitude and motivation is not only different but perceptible to the student and affects their willingness to be taught.

Second, He taught from a position of integrity and practiced morality. People were drawn to His teaching because they were drawn to Him because they could tell that they mattered to Him and that He was genuine.

Third, He taught from a position of knowledge. Jesus was always explaining what Scripture meant, in the Synagogue, in the retreat at Caesarea, by the seaside of Galilee, on the road to Emmaus. And when He taught even the demons listened.

Fourth, He taught with skill. He used stories and illustrations and demonstrations and class projects and simple objects and great miracles, all to make sure that His point was meaningful and memorable.
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The members’ responsibility for congregational leadership is a distinctive characteristic of the LCMS. Power is vested in voters’ assemblies, generally comprised of adults of voting age. With the few exceptions of called and paid staff, Grace is a volunteer run church.

Our Voters Assembly has delegated its authority for various areas of responsibility as listed under the tab above.