Grace Lutheran Church and School seek to live out our calling to love God and serve our fellow neighbor through various ministries. You, too, can receive or give the many blessings offered here for you.

We are an alive, family friendly, loving and forgiving part of the Body of Christ. Whether you are married, have kids, are a kid or youth, single, surrounded with people, alone, active or less active, long time in your faith walk or recent, courageous or shy, here you will be surrounded with love as a part of our family!
Worship Alive! Service
In our Worship Alive! service, pay attention to what is going on—notice that the Gospel is rightly proclaimed and the Sacraments properly practiced. It’s just keeping in the tradition of Martin Luther by speaking in the common language—the heart language—of the times we live in. This is just as Luther did in his German Mass, his German Bible and his German hymns—a gift to the common German in the pew.
To inquire about worship
programs contact
Pastor Michael at 661.406.0659

Bible Study Sun 9 am

Sunday School Sun 9 am

Historic Worship Sun 10 am

New Members Sun 11:30 am
Bible Study Mon 7 pm

Worship Alive! Wed 7 pm

Mary Martha Thur 9 am