Grace Lutheran Church and School seek to live out our calling to love God and serve our fellow neighbor through various ministries. You, too, can receive or give the many blessings offered here for you.

We are an alive, family friendly, loving and forgiving part of the Body of Christ. Whether you are married, have kids, are a kid or youth, single, surrounded with people, alone, active or less active, long time in your faith walk or recent, courageous or shy, here you will be surrounded with love as a part of our family!

Parish Life

Church fellowship has been described as the ‘glue’ that holds the church together. And in a way, that is true, for we are a community of believers in Christ—His very Body—that is nourished and sustained by His Word and Sacraments. But, we are also a human organization that has the very human needs of love, friendship and support. A large part of that is accomplished through the breaking of bread together.

Our Parish Life committee provides the food and often plans the “fun” events that bring our congregation together—Picnics, Potlucks, Advent & Lent Soup Suppers, Brunches, Easter Breakfast, High Tea and Sandwiches, Graduation Banquet, Funeral Receptions and much more!

If you have the gift of hospitality and like to plan and organize fun and food, please contact Sandy Garland.

To inquire about fellowship programs contact
Leslie Leazer
Adult Programs
            Sept through June
Worship        Sun              10 am
                     Wed               7 pm
Bible Study   Sun                9 am
Bible Study   Mon               7 pm
Mary Martha Thur               9 am
Family Movie Nights
'From Me to We' Workshop
Creation vs Evolution
Trunk or Treat
Advent Soup Supper & Devotion
Dancing Under the Stars
Progressive Dinner
Lent Soup Supper & Devotion
Spanish & German Classes
Prayers & Squares
Rubber Duck Race
Cancer Walk
Angel Shop
Chili Cook-off
Talent Show